Deep fried Oreos are a staple of any true Tri-Staters Fall Fest experience, but now you don't have to wait! 

Stack of Sandwich Cookies
Getty Images/iStockphoto

If all this talk of the new Most Stuf Oreos has you craving deep fried oreos from Fall Fest, you don't have to wait until October! Sonic is going to be serving up deep fried Oreos and serving them with their signature soft serve ice cream.

According to Sonic is bringing Oreo A La Mode to their menu on January 29th! On top of that they're adding Cinnabon Cinnasnacks A La Mode too!

Now these desserts while, I am sure they're delicious, won't come with the same experience you get down on Franklin Street at the Fall Festival, but if deep fried cookies are something you've been craving, you can get these to hold you over until October!

And in case you were counting down, we only have to wait 254 more days until Fall Festival 2019 kicks off!!

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