Another Chance for Animals is an Evansville foster-based rescue.  They do so much great work for the homeless animals in our community. They have a very special place in my heart as my dog Wrigley (my first ever rescue) was adopted through them.  Now on the schedule, they have an upcoming event that's a low-cost vaccine clinic as well as a soup fundraiser.

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Here's what the Spring Into Summer with ACA Facebook page says about the event:

May 22nd at Howell Park in Evansville, we will have a vaccine clinic!!!
You can get your cat and/or dog up to date on their yearly vaccines at affordable prices!!!
The vaccine clinic will run from 10AM-1PM
$15- 5-way dog vaccine for dogs
$15- Bordatella (Kennel Cough) dog vaccine
$15- 3-way cat vaccine
$15- Rabies Vaccine (cat or dog)
$15- microchips can help your pet get back home safe and sound

We will be pre-selling a soup as well for this event prepared by by chef and foodie Aimee Blume!!
Pasta Fagioli will be prepared with sausage and vegetarian style, and it is comprised of mixed beans,
pasta, chicken broth, and special secret spices! YUM!!!!
We will have other food and drinks available the day of as well.
We also plan to have tables set up that everyone can walk around to and learn something new. We will have information about cats, dogs, lizards, fish, and hopefully so much more!!!
It is illegal to not update your pet's rabies vaccine each year, so please be sure to keep your pet updated on all their shots, it's good for their health, and keeps you legal!

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