Cherish – A One Day Marriage Event (Shaped by FAITH)
Marilyn Rhoads, is the Co-founder of Grace Marriage, a Marriage Ministry that engages couples to put their marriage under the grace of Christ.
Marilyn talks about the upcoming Grace Marriage one-day event, “Cherish” taking place at the Owensboro RiverPark Center, Saturday …
Sprite Introduces New Ginger Flavor
The things that were always missing about ginger ale was, my other faves, lemons and limes. Since I wasn't smart enough to think of mixing my ginger ale and Sprite together, Sprite has done it for me.
This Weekend on Shaped by Faith
Two power-house men have joined forces, along with others in our community, to help advocate  for those who have been touched by addiction. Joe Welsh, Executive Director of Friends of Sinners, and Chris Seaton Founder and Chair of The Owensboro Recovery Project are passionate about helping…

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