Energize Evansville has another free walk this Saturday and you can walk shelter dogs! 

Young small breed dog with funny brown and black stains on face. Portrait of cute happy pug domestic doggy outdoors, walk in park.
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Energize Evansville teamed up with the Vanderburgh Humane Society and Cardio for Canines, to get some dogs out of their kennels and help them run off some energy, while also getting energized yourself! This Saturday morning October 19th at 9AM you'll meet at the VHS and you'll get a dog to walk down to Garvin Park. It's good for you and good for the pups.

Energize Evansville will be joining us again this Saturday at Cardio For Canines! Come walk a shelter dog at Garvin Park and get your morning cardio. (And sometimes strength training for the big dogs. 😂)

Join us, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, and the Evansville Department of Parks & Recreation at 9:00 on Saturday morning in the VHS rear lobby!

(Please note that the 18 dogs from the hoarding case will NOT be available for this event.)

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