We've all been there, right? You take the family to the local fair for an evening of fun and relaxation.

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You and/or the kids ride the rides, get the minimum daily requirement of corn dogs and funnel cakes, and they you head for the games.

You're walking among the vendors and hucksters, minding your own business, when you see it  - one of the traditions of many a fair or fundraiser - the dunk tank.

But, this is not just any dunk tank. This one contains a loud-mouthed, smack-talking, mic'd up so the whole midway can hear, clown.

And, as this clown continues to flap his gums, he's scanning the passers-by for a sucker, somebody he can berate into losing his cool and trying to kill the clown with his best 68 mile per hour fast ball and missing terribly.

At a county fair Saturday night, just such a clown was looking for someone he could rattle. However, unfortunately for him, the passer-by he picked was none other than St. Louis Cardinal star pitcher Adam Wainwright.

As you will see in the YouTube video below, Waino paid for three baseballs, took two and threw one strike to shut up the smart-mouthed clown, at least for the moment.

On his Twitter feed, Wainwright posted the video with the message: "No better time to start getting ready for spring training that at the fair. Enjoy your bath clown."

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