Do you love the movie "Back to the Future"? Do you also love monster trucks? If you can answer yes to both those questions, you need to check out the story of a guy named Rich. He's an Illinois dude who converted a DeLorean into a monster truck.

The man I'm referring to is Rich Weissensel. Ridiculous Rides recently shared a video about Rich and his obsession with collecting DeLoreans and turning them into wildly different vehicles. The monster truck gets a lot of attention, but that's only one of many Rich creations.

Crazy to think Rich built that monster truck DeLorean in a month. Insane.

Of all of his variations of DeLorean, I have to wonder exactly how much money and ingenuity it took for Rich to make that DeLorean limousine. It has 6 fully operational swing open doors.

RidiculousRides via Rumble
RidiculousRides via Rumble

If you're a true Back to the Future fan, you may be offended that this iconic car would be torn apart. Fear not as Rich does not use any DeLorean parts off of "good" cars. His parts only come from non-operational or wrecked models so the limited population of working DeLoreans isn't lessened by his hobby.

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I have to wonder if you got that limo up to 88 mph if you could take your entire family back in time? Who's up for trying it with me?

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