OMGoodness!  Reese's has announced the answer to all our chocolate peanut butter prayers.  They are coming out with a Reese's Cup the size of a Thanksgiving pie.

Can you even imagine?  Angel here and I am actually a sour candy kind of girl.  I love all things sour gummy bears, sour watermelon, and sour patch kids.  However, over the past few years, I have developed a love for Reese's in all forms.  I especially love Reese's Eggs, Christmas Trees, and Pumpkins around the holidays.  The only problem is I get like two bites out of it and it's gone.

The Reese's Pie is actually a 9-inch pie size cup weighing over three pounds.  Here's the deal if you're like me and thinking "there is no way I'm sharing that pie with anyone" prepare to take in over 7,000 calories.  I am not sure that anyone needs to love a Reese cup that much.

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So there is a catch to the delicious madness. Hershey's is only making 3,000 pies and they will only be available online.  You can attempt to order your pie on Monday.  The pie will cost $44.99.

If you're having sticker shock or thinking there is no possible way you'll get your hands on one of these yummy treats don't you dare worry we found a great solution.

This seems to be a more simple way to get your Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie and I am almost positive it will be a whole lot cheaper to make at home.  This way you can make one for your guests and keep one all for yourself.

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