Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the great out doors, during the day it's warm enough you can enjoy being outside with a light jacket, and at night it's chilly enough to sit around a campfire.  It's just the perfect time to enjoy being outside.  Now if you're a fan of the scarier side of things, you can take a haunted walk through the woods this fall.

I know 2020 is different, so different in fact that we're seeing a lot of our favorite events canceled, and many that are still going on are different due to CDC guidelines. But now there's a new event inspired by being able to social distance, and it involves a haunted tour through Evansville woods.

I was scrolling through Facebook last night and a post was shared by a friend of mine about a haunted experience in Evansville. It's taking place this fall and it's being put on by a local garden center, SWN Garden Center.  They're calling it Cryptid Enocounters in the Woods, and it's a haunted guided walk through.   They say the tour takes about 15 minutes.  Here's what their Facebook event page says:

Looking for a COVID-friendly experience this fall? Check out this fun Halloween event we are hosting! We are hosting a "haunted camping experience" which is a 15-minute guided haunted walk through the woods--at night! As you and your party of "future campers" start on your hike through the woods of SWN, the cryptid creatures come out to play. Our spin on an outdoor haunted house is both COVID-friendly and an eerie, yet thrilling adventure. This event is by appointment only, so please book ASAP. We can accept groups of 6 or less. Kid-friendly hour will be from 6-7 pm while the sun is starting to set, and the last appointment time available will be at 8:45 pm. We can only schedule two groups per 15-minute time slot, so please be sure to call (812) 626-9224 to confirm your time slot. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accommodate patrons with strollers or walking difficulties as the terrain through the woods is uneven and rolling.

They have all the dates listed on their event page, and it looks like Cryptid Encounters in the Woods will be going on through October.

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