Before we are even able to go to school, we become fascinated with school buses. I remember thinking that was gong to be the best part of going to school. I can even remember the butterflies in my stomach as I got on the bus, in the first grade, and headed to my first day of school.

Our childhood fascination with the big orangish/yellow buses, is probably what lead the Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail to give what could have been just an ordinary bridge, something very special. Take a look.

Here is the front,

the back,

and the inside.

The Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail is a bike trail located in southeastern, KY. According to their Facebook page,

This 8.2-mile trail gives a beautiful scenic route full of wildlife and nature.
Beginning in Archer Park, this trail will take you through West Prestonsburg, underneath Rt 114 and into David. You will travel across 6 different bridges including one unique bridge that is topped with a school bus donated by the Floyd County School District.
Come on out and support the work that local people have put in to this beautiful trail!
Walkers, Bicyclists and Horseback riders are all welcome.
This looks like a great place to go with the family to enjoy a social distancing hike. The area, around Prestonsburg, KY, is full of beautiful scenery and many outdoor activities.
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