This year, we have planned a real vacation. Just so you know, it's been five years since we went anywhere for a whole week. I'm so excited. We are going to the beach, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We haven't been to the beach in what seems like forever. The sunshine, sand, and beautiful water. To me, there is nothing like it, even if it's not the ocean, but an amazing hidden lake In Kentucky.

If your family is like my family, vacations to far-off exotic locations aren't that easy to plan for both timing and financial constraints. Even if you have to stay closer to home, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the sunshine, sand, and incredibly clear water. You can still get your beach vibe on at a hidden beach right here in Kentucky.

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Laurel River Lake is located just west of Corbin, KY, in the Daniel Boone National Forest, The lake is a little over 3 hrs away from the Tristate, but it is totally worth the trip. It would make for an awesome family getaway that will help your whole family relax, have fun, and enjoy the beach on a budget.

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The 5,600-acre lake......amid the pristine beauty of the Daniel Boone National Forest, Laurel River Lake is a favorite destination for thousands of visitors each year. The quiet coves and cliff-lined shores offer relaxation and quiet reflection, as well as boating, fishing, skiing, and scuba diving in one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in Kentucky. You can also fish and boat.

Photo Credit: Ben Childers
Photo Credit: Ben Childers

Laurel River Lake looks so amazing. I've written about this beautiful lake before and haven't been there to camp yet. But, I have a trip planned for my husband and me in early September.

Photo Credit: Ben Childers
Photo Credit: Ben Childers

My favorite vacations, growing up, we're on the lake. Even if the lake isn’t your favorite vacation destination, and you think that you prefer an ocean beach vacation, these photos and videos might change your mind.

Take a look at the beauty that is Laurel River Lake.

Thanks to Ben Childers for the use of his amazing drone photos. Check out more of his work, HERE.


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