Even though we think of summer as the time of the year we take vacations, some of my favorite times to get away are the Fall and winter.

Fall Is Great Right Here

During the fall, we have traveled to Vermont and Colorado to see the Fall foliage. Both places took my breath away. but, right here, in Southern Indiana and Illinois, along with Western Kentucky, we have incredible views of the beauty of Fall.

WInter Needs To Be At Least Chilly

Winter is a great time to get away too. By the way, I don't suggest going to L.A. for Christmas. It's kind of a bummer. You at least want it to be a little chilly. But no, we were at the beach on Christmas Day. I know you may like the beach in the winter, but not me. It just didn't feel very Christmasy.

Perfect Place to Spend Time Relaxing As We Wind Down The Year

Now this 140-acre retreat in Kentucky on Airbnb, Iis making me get all warm, fuzzy, and thankfully filled with holiday cheer inside. I’m making a plan. This place has 8 bedrooms, 27 beds, and 5 1/2 baths. You can enjoy kayaking, fishing, hiking, basketball, and swimming in the pool (available May 1st-Sept 30th.) It’s so affordable too. It’s $800 plus fees a night, but when you divide that by 20 of your friends and family, it’s only $50, or so, a night, plus fees. That’s a great deal.

I'm So There

Ok, I'm sold. I wonder if they are already booked for Thanksgiving. Probably. Looks Like Christmas it is! Can you imagine this place in the winter? It would be breathtaking.

Take a look at this incredible Kentucky Airbnb. Oh and remember, it sleeps over sixteen people. How about a New Year's trip and party? Yes!

You won’t believe the beauty and space of this place

You And 16+ Friends Can Relax On A Gorgeous 140-Acre Kentucky Retreat

I’m relaxed just looking at the pics. Can’t wait to go check it out. Make your reservations here.

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