Have you ever dreamed about re-living your childhood days when you only had to worry about how long you could hang out in your treehouse before Mom made you come home? Or, maybe you feel like you missed out because you never had a treehouse to begin with.

Well, if you have several hundred dollars to spare, you could be sleeping in a treehouse for your next vacation.

Browsing through Airbnb.com, there's an entire section dedicated to treehouses. I scrolled through aimlessly but quickly noticed something peculiar. There are a surprising number of treehouse stays available in Ohio of all places.

Here are at least 6:

6 Enchanting Ohio Treehouse Stays on Airbnb

Who knew that Ohio offered so many treehouse stays?

Who knew Ohio had so many treehouses to offer? Maybe I'll look into Michigan next.

Until that time, Airbnb offers a number of different categories like tiny homes, unique stays, and more. See them all here.

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