I have pretty high standards for treehouses, but even I would admit this one is likely the fanciest you'll ever see in the state of Missouri and I have the pics to prove it.

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I have reason to believe this is an almost brand new Missouri treehouse on Airbnb. It's located just southwest of the St. Louis area in Innsbrook, Missouri. It's near the resort located in that area which means not only do you have a newly-built treehouse to enjoy, but also sailboats, golf, playgrounds and lazy river pools. Drool over the pics yourself.

This is Probably the Fanciest Treehouse You'll Find in Missouri

As you might guess from the pics, you can't stay here for free (*sad face*). The nightly cost as of this writing is $404Yes, that's pricey, but it's also an elite level treehouse in an elite level part of Missouri where recreation thrives.

I might have seen a fancier treehouse in Missouri, but if I have, I can't remember it. This looks like about as good as you can get.

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