Construction looks to be underway at Eastland Mall.

When walking in the JcPenney wing of Eastland Mall I noticed a GIANT sign.   It mostly caught my attention because hello, the entire background is Pac-Man! It confirmed that Pac-Man Zone will be coming soon to the mall!


I looked online to see what exactly Pac-Man Zone is since we don't have one around here. From the looks of their website they seem to have the old school arcade feel, with the classic games, but with a new school twist of adding in new games as well.  It looks like you can host birthday parties and all kinds of things there.

Either way, if there's an excuse to play some of my favorite classic games, I'm all for it.

Below I found a YouTube video of a Pac-Man Zone that recently opened, so I'd assume this is kind of what we can expect! But I guess we'll find out when they open their doors!

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