My love for Jason Momoa is no secret. In fact, a Facebook friend alerted me to something I had no idea even existed, a Jason Momoa coloring book. After thinking about tracing all of his smoking hot lines with a crayon and then having to cool myself off with a spray bottle...


...I immediately, went to Amazon to order my copy. What I didn't realized is that, not only could I order THAT coloring book, I could order a whole Jason Momoa experience. And you can too.

And, to keep track of your place in the coloring book, a gorgeous book mark.

Trend Setters/Amazon

You can enjoy a HOT beverage, or cool off if needed, while you color.

WECE Mug/Amazon
y Ashton Books-n-Things/Amazon

Jason can even stand beside you as you color.

Advanced Graphics/Amazon

Or, you can color under his ever hot and watchful eye.

Might Print/Amazon
Trends International/Amazon

Keep track of your daily coloring schedule with this...

Jason Momoa/Amazon

After a long day of coloring, snuggle up with these.


Chilly? Wrap yourself up in the hottest throws you will ever see.

 Don't forget to put out your door mat.

Funny Doormats Co./ Amazon

And, you can do whatever you want with this.

Celebrity Cutouts/Amazon


Don't know about you, but this was exactly what I need. Sigh...

Your're welcome.

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