The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel seems to get a little brighter each and every day, but we're not quite through it yet. While the mask mandate in Indiana was downgraded to an advisory a few weeks ago, leaving the decision in the hands of local government officials and business owners, most places in our area still require masks to be worn for the time being. I'm assuming that will likely be the case for a good chunk of the summer. As we know, summer in the Tri-State means high humidity and scorching sunlight, the latter of which can do some serious damage to your skin if you don't protect yourself with sunscreen, especially if you're outside for long periods of time due to your job, or you're simply out enjoying the weather recreationally. It can also lead to some pretty wicked tan lines if you're not careful.

By the time summer is over, I'm rocking a pretty solid farmer's tan, to the point where it looks like I'm wearing a white undershirt when I have no shirt on at all. Women of course have to deal with tan lines from their bathing suits like the one in the photo above. But, as Tik Tok user, pansexualchunk shows, we can all fall victim to a new type of tan line if we don't plan accordingly. Introducing what I'm calling the "COVID Tan."

Oh, poor Michael. That's not a faint tan line either. That's a tan line that says, "I stood out in the sun for eight straight hours, and now my face is going to look like this for at least a month."

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If there's any positive to this (and it's not much of one at all), it's that at least he can hide it in public by wearing a mask. Of course, that might make it worse. On second thought, there is nothing positive about this. This guy will just have to hide out in his house until his skin tone balances out which he should be used to thanks to the pandemic.

Put on that sunscreen, kids!

[Source: pansexualchunk on Tik Tok]

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