You know those moments when you think or even say out loud to yourself, I've seen everything, now? Well, this is one of those moments. Watch.

@meghaessVote for this trend. I saw someone on tiktok do this! #darkcircles #hyperpigmentation #undereyebags♬ Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson TikTok Remix) - The Wombats

 Ok, so, what in the world is happening? I thought all of the weird and totally ridiculous things were supposed to stop in 2021. Oh yeah, it's not that they are stopping they're just getting even more unbelievable.

Who is there ever living nondescripts would think this was a great idea? A new make-up trend? Are you kidding me? I have worked for years to perfect the under eye concealer. Just like the acne concealer, it takes time and practice to perfect. Still, lifestyle and age will throw a wrench in it and have you scrambling to figure out a new way to cover your ongoing fatigue.

Wait, on second thought this might be something I can actually work with. There are so many make-up trends that leave me completely clueless, holding a brush or a sponge and looking nothing like the tutorial. This make-up trend is one I think we, no matter what our artist make-up level, can achieve with little or no real effort. See...


Nailed it! LOL.

I'm going to save so much on make-up this year. Not like I don't do it now, but I'll just get out of bed and go. Now, if we can make ratty, dry hair and chin acne, from our face masks, trendy...

Let's do it!

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