Ghost Quesadilla in Newburgh is doing something cool to help local non profits who are missing out on key fundraising this year.

2020 has been a freaking roller coaster of a year hasn't it?  Unfortunately many events we look forward have been canceled, and this year's Fall Festival is no exception.   For many non-profits in the area the Fall Festival is a huge fundraiser for them, and many have already had to cancel fundraising events.  Many area restaurants are doing fundraisers to help bridge the gap.

Here's what Ghost Quesadilla is serving up, and who it's going to help:

Ok, our Fall Festival menu that goes to Charity is out and ready for today - Sunday!! We have 5 items for 5 different charities!!
1. Corn Dog tacos. A large corn dog with a house-made honey mustard, sweet relish and chopped red onions. $3.00 of each order goes to The Warrick Foundation.
2. Smoked Steak Tacos. Smoked steak with a house-made horseradish sauce with lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar/sour cream chips on top. $3.00 goes to an USI charity that gives to Riley’s Children Hospital.
3. Buffalo Breaded Tenderloin Sandwich. Freshly pounded pork loin soaked in a buttermilk spiced brine overnight. Hand breaded and then drenched in buffalo sauce. $3.00 goes to the JD Sheth Foundation which helps homeless people in the community plus much more.
4. Our sweet and spicy chili! Homemade. It’s sweet, it’s spicy and tastes amazing. $1.50 of every cup goes to the Newburgh American Legion.
5. Our West Side Tacos which is Miller’s smoked pork with Miller’s Mac N Cheese, coleslaw and topped with bbq grippos. $3.00 of every order goes to Homies Hope, an local charity that gives to local families dealing with mitochondrial disease.
All items are $10 and tacos come in groups of 3 with chips and salsa. The chili is $5.00!! Thank you for supporting our local community.
This fundraiser will go on until Sunday October 11th.
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