Amanda Burke has been attending my Shaped by Faith with Theresa Rowe fitness classes for several years. Even though she had been exercising, she still seemed to be putting on weight.

In June of 2019, Amanda saw a picture of herself on Social Media and this was the very thing that got her attention and then motivated her to get serious about losing weight and drawing closer to Christ. Amanda has lost 50 pounds!!!

Amanda's story is her story and its a story of hope and TRANSFORMATION from the inside out!

Amanda wanted to address all the Mom's, care givers and anyone who is helping others and possibly neglecting their own bodies and their lack of time spent with God.

You can hear Amanda's story this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8AM on 99.1FM, WOMI Owensboro 1490 AM, or WGBF Evansville 1280 AM.

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