Laundry is the worst chore, mostly folding, but you get the idea.

Every week I try to stay up on my laundry. I do okay when it comes to starting the laundry and switching it over to the drier. I absolutely HATE folding though. I can't stand to fold laundry. My goal is to have a nice closet where I don't have to fold laundry, I much rather hang it up. Nonetheless, it's one of those annoying chores.

Enough of my folding diaries. I am a germaphobe and I always worry about germs. I wash my hands constantly, I try to stay healthy for the most part but I know germs are out there. I just want to do my part of keeping them at bay as best I can. I wash my clothes in cold water, depending on the type of clothing that needs washed, I also use fabric softener. I thought this was how clothes got clean. I was wrong.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling on Facebook and saw someone venting about laundry and how they use this product in their laundry to get rid of bacteria. I thought to myself, "do you not wash your clothes with detergent or something?" Turns out, when using cold water or even hot water on fabric, you aren't totally getting rid of all bacteria, according to The Spruce. This person suggested adding a cap full of Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. 

I wasn't so sure about it but I was at Target one day and saw it on the shelf and figured I would give it a go. Now my household had the flu (Husband) already this season so I was already past those germs. Normally, every year in December/January I am sicker than a dog. We don't have children so we get lucky to not have them bringing home germs. However, we do have holiday gatherings with people who do have children. This is what brings us down. Mostly sinus infections, bronchitis, colds, and one year even the flu.

Photo: Amazon Via Lysol

*Sidenote: Thanksgiving is what gave my husband the flu, about 6 people got it from one dinner party. Yikes!

Photo: Amazon Via Lysol

It's been over a month since I started using the Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. and I have been raving that not only have we been killing germs starting with our laundry but also, it's sanitizing the machine and my clothes smell even more fresh. (Think bleach fresh without bleach). It's definitely going to stick around and I will get more.

Photo: Amazon Via Lysol

For those skeptics, give it a try! Here's a list of what it can help keep away from living in your house!

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria like Staphylococcus Aureus & Klebsiella pneumoniae, simply add to rinse cycle
  • Contains 0% bleach, works even in cold water
  • Gentle on most fabrics including whites & colors
  • Works in all standard & HE machines
  • Suitable for children's clothes, gym clothes, underwear, towels, bedding & delicates
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