Three years from today (April 8, 2021) we're going to see something pretty incredible here in Evansville.  You may remember back in 2017 when for a brief period of time on August 21st we all stopped to look at the sky.  The reason was we were very close to the path of totality of the last solar eclipse so we had a pretty good look at it.  I remember it was bananas watching a sunshiney August day quickly turn to what felt like dusk, and then go back to bright and sunshiney.  We're going to get even more of an eclipse experience though on April 8, 2024 when we're actually in the path of totality.

NASA has a full interactive map which you can see here, where you can see exactly within the path of totality where Evansville lies. also has some great maps where you can see the duration of totality we can expect in our area, and what time the eclipse will be happening.  It looks like in Evansville we could see anywhere from 2-4 minutes of totality.

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Since we have a few years to prepare, I'd say first we stock up on our solar eclipse glasses now (remember how hard they were to come by, once we got within days of the eclipse in 2017?).  I'd also say now would be a great time to invite Ozzy Osbourne up to Evansville to perform Bark at the Moon during the eclipse just as he did in 2017 in Illinois. Hear me out, now this is just my personal idea I'm throwing out there, let's get Ozzy Osbourne at Bosse Field on April 8, 2024. Time it to where once again, Bark at the Moon is being performed as the eclipse reaches totality.  Still one of the most wild videos I've seen on the internet is the one where Ozzy performed during the eclipse, it's crazy how it goes from day, to night, and back to daytime.  Check out the video here.

Either way, whether we can get Ozzy here or not, I can't wait to watch the next solar eclipse, and I'm very excited that this time we'll be in the path of totality so we can really experience the total darkness of the eclipse.  Just don't forget those safety eclipse glasses so you can look!

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