This mugshot, this tattoo, this is insane! There are of course, forgettable tattoos. People make mistakes and afterwards think, maybe that wasn't a great idea. This fella is apparently pretty proud? Are you ready people...Check out this NSFW forehead tattoo. I wonder if this tat causes an issue with getting a loan, or maybe problems with job interviews?

DuPage County Jail
DuPage County Jail

I mean at least he's an honest fella, tells it how he feels it. This incredible artwork, is 17 years old. So he's been saying FU to everyone he meets for quite a while. Unfortunately this guy isn't all that unique:

Redding Police-Department
Redding Police-Department

So do either of these guys where headbands, maybe hats everyday? This dude even has the double tear drop!

  • Some of my fav "bad tattoos" include:
  • "It's is my life" - Bon Jovi
  • Bron to Die
  • Nolege is Power
  • and of course the CLASSIC, "No regerts"

It's been seventeen years since Angel got that beauty, so life must be going pretty smooth besides the whole arrest thing. Angel Schettini of Wheaton, IL was arrested for burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools. That will get you some time, Angel. He's being held on $5000 bond. But that's not why you called..
I guess we can say he's "keeping it real" maybe a little too real, but whatever works for you.

Next time you go get some ink, think it through...everything from the what, where and how. There's a lot that goes into that piece of art and if it's some sort of "message" maybe give it a few days.

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