Heavy trash pickup in Evansville starts next week, here's what you can toss! 

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Tim Boyle

Heavy trash pickup begins next week on 8/12 and runs through 10/16 and you'll want to make sure you know when it's your zone's turn so you get your items out on the right day!

Here's items you can put out during heavy trash pickup:

  • Carpet- Must be rolled in sections no longer than 4th and no wider than 2ft. (limit 5 rolls)
  • Electronics- stereos, etc. (some electronics not allowed, see below).
  • Furniture- sofas, tables, chairs, mattresses, box springs, dressers, etc... (limit of 5)
  • Appliances- Stoves, refrigerators/freezers, washing machines, dryers, water heaters etc...(Refrigerants must be removed and tagged by a certified professional)
  • Limited construction/building material debris- must be in trash containers and not in piles (some items excluded, see below).

Here's items that will NOT be picked up:

  • Any trash that Republic Services would pick up as a part of it's regular waste collection contract
  • Piles or stacks of construction/building materials
  • Privacy fences of any kind
  • Automobile parts
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Hazardous materials
  • Computers or accessories
  • Concrete blocks, bricks, or steel poles
  • Televisions
  • Yard waste

Click here for more info on heavy trash pickup, and make sure to mark your calendar so you don't forget your day!


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