All across the U.S. Walmart locations have been using their parking lots to host drive-in movies. The reason for these drive-in features at Walmart is because  they are wanting to help give people something fun and safe to do.  With many events around the country being canceled, drive ins thrived this season, as you're able to safely go to the drive in and social distance.  The Walmart drive-in is making it's stop in the tri-state this weekend, and has 4 dates. Here's what you can see in Evansville:

  • October 16th @ 7:30 Men in Black: International @ East Side Walmart
  • October 17th @7:30 E.T. @ East Side Walmart
  • October 20th @ 7:30 Ghostbusters @ West Side Walmart
  • October 21st @ 7:30 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse @ West Side Walmart

The event to see each movie is free, but you do need to reserve your free tickets. You can do so by clicking here.  According to the rules this will be a rain or shine event, and gates will open at 6:00 PM which is about 90 minutes before the movie start time. They will not be permitting people to enter once the movie has started.

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