If you enjoy Halloween and creepy/spooky things are your jam, then you'll really enjoy this local art show.

Killer Jack
Artist: Adam Patton Photo provided by the Arts Council

Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana are hosting the perfect show for October, it's called Spooky Show! The art show features spooky, and creepy themed art from over 50 local artists. If you're into art or Halloween, this is definitely a fun themed show you won't want to miss.  I am a huge fan of Halloween and all things creepy, so this show really stood out to me.  Plus I am just in awe at how talented these local artists are!

The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of October. If you want to see it in person you can stop by the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana's gallery location at 212 Main Street in downtown Evansville.  Their hours are Tuesday-Friday 10A-4P.  If staying in is more your style, you can also view all the pieces on their website, click here to go to the gallery.  Many of the pieces are even for sale, so if you've ever wanted a spooky art piece for your home, this is definitely the right place to look! If you enjoy the show, please consider making a donation to the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana.

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