Evansville Watch has teamed up with several local businesses to help the community with some free food.

Evansville Watch announced today that they'll be launching EW's Series of Unfortunate Events where they'll be covering $500 on carryout food orders at local restuarants.  The series of events will kick off April 25th, with the first location being Zesto on Franklin. No strings attached, if you could use a meal,until the funds run out, the first $500 in meals will be covered by EW.

Here's what EW said on their Facebook page:

We’re EXCITED to announce what we’ve been working on. We’re calling it “EW’s Series of Fortunate Events!” During this series of events, we will be partnering with several locally owned restaurants and charity organizations.

EvansvilleWatch, along with other businesses, will be covering the first $500 of carryout food orders at several local restaurants. This series will start tomorrow, Saturday the 25th, at Zesto on Franklin where we’ll cover the first $500 in carryout orders! No strings attached but please note that the funds for the event will eventually run out. We still encourage folks to go to these restaurants and order some great food. On top of covering the carryout costs, we’re going to pick a local charity for each restaurant’s carryout event. We’ll have a donation bucket on hand for folks to donate to the event’s chosen charity. We ask that those who can, throw a few dollars into the donation bucket. (Absolutely not obligated, however.) Tomorrow’s charity at Zesto on Franklin is the
Ozanam Family Shelter - Evansville, Indiana. ALL donations in the bucket will go to Ozanam.

The goal of this series is to simply spread awareness for local restaurants and charities. It’s not about the $500 the restaurant will receive. It’s about our community helping each other out in times of need. Please go to these restaurants and order some great food! Let’s blow these places up with business!

We’re still in the process of working out the details but we now have enough funds to do 4 carryout events! AquaVida Pools has graciously stepped up to sponsor two additional carryout events! We're very grateful for them so be sure to go like their page. We’ll announce the other restaurants and charities in the next couple days.

If interested in sponsoring a carryout event, send us a private message or email us at evansvillewatch@gmail.com. Our goal is to start a wave of awareness and financial support to as many restaurants and charities as we can. We look forward to giving back to our community! So please join us with your support. Some easy ways you can help is by simply sharing this post and other restaurant’s event posts in the coming days, spreading the word of the event, going to the restaurant and eating some great local food, like all participants Facebook pages, supporting the charity and restaurant even after the event is over, and more.

Feel free to ask us questions in the comments.

Times are scary right now, but it's really great to see the community coming together to help each other out.

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