On Sunday October 11th a local documentary will be live streaming, in conjunction with Evansville's Adopt an Ash program.

Ashes to Ashes is a documentary that goes in depth about the real issues at hand with the issue we're having locally with an invasive insect, the Emerald Ash Borer.   In a press release about the film here's what you can expect:

‘Ashes To Ashes’ tells the story of an invasive insect (Emerald Ash Borer) and it’s effects throughout the United States and, more importantly, it’s impact locally here in Evansville. The financial, social and public health implications of this invasion are highlighted in the documentary. The film features interviews with various local luminaries including: Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, Evansville City Arborist Shawn Dickerson, Chris Cooke (City of Evansville Superintendent of Cemeteries), retired Purdue University Extension Horticultural Educator Larry Caplan and Bill Bussing, owner of the Evansville Otters. The film also offers commentary by national experts in public health and invasive pests: Dr Geoffrey Donovan of the Portland Forestry Service and Dr Aruni Bhatnagar of the University of Louisville.

The stream will take place on Sunday October 11th, if you're interested in joining the streaming event, you can purchase a ticket here.

Check out the trailer for Ashes to Ashes below.

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