Don't worry! It's not going far!

Evansville City Council approved the funding to relocate the warship in downtown Evansville.

The LST 325 is currently docked at Marina Point and open from March to November, usually seeing about 10,000-12,000 visitors a year. Which is great. But this proposed move would potentially see the LST open year-round.

Where would it be moved?

Closer to the Tropicana.

Which means a lot more people would be seeing and visiting it throughout the year. And with this location it could be open all year to visitors.

This also means that other historic vessels could move to the Marina Point location. Rumor has it the dock could be used for stops by historic river cruises like those of the Mississippi Queen steam boat.

LST officials hope to have the ship moved to it's new location by July of next year!

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