With the 2018 Evansville Job Fair coming up on Thursday 1/25, we wanted to give you some tips to look your best when heading out there!

Match the interviewer:

If you want to get the job, your choice of dress should match what the company's personality is. If it is a corporate job and you will spend most of your time in a Suit or dress clothes you should be dress like that for the interview. If you are looking for a job in the mines or on an assembly line, you can dress business casual.

Present yourself neatly:

You want to make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. Wrinkles are a BIG no-no. Make sure your shoes are clean too!

Avoid loud prints:

It is OK to show a bit of your personality in your clothes, but don't go overbook with prints! Unless you are applying for a job at a Resort Hotel, avoid Hawaiian shirts!

Accessorize smartly:

If you have a purse or backpack, make sure it matches and doesn't send the wrong message. A shiny tiny clutch might give off a "party girl" vibe or a dirty backpack could send messages of someone who doesn't care!

Don't miss the 20168Job Fair on Thursday 1/25/18. Get all the details HERE!


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