Former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter took some time to autograph a couple items to help support Mattingly Charities and the work they do in Evansville.

Growing up in the 90's to a baseball loving family, I remember watching Derek Jeter play, even though I didn't grow up a Yankees fan (sorry Jeter, it's nothing personal). He is a household name, and when you look at his career, there's a reason for that.  Five time World Series Champion, and a myriad of awards and accolades under his belt.  There's no denying that Jeter left his mark on baseball.

Derek Jeter signed a jersey, and Louisville Slugger that are currently up for auction to help benefit Mattingly Charities. Mattingly Charities was started by Evansville's own Don Mattingly to help serve underserved youth in the Evansville area.

Mattingly Charities provides support to organizations who administer educational advancement, social development, and athletic programs for underserved youth in the Evansville, IN community.

If you want to support Mattingly Charities and bid on the Derek Jeter autographed items, you can do so through the Handbid app, and search "Mattingly charities."  The auction will end on December 4th during the annual Find a Way Event that is hosted here in Evansville.

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