Comet Neowise is said to be the brightest comet since Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997.  According to what makes Neowise so spectacular is that it won't be visible for another 6,800 years.   If you want to see it yourself, you have limited time to do so. According to a graphic on, it looks like July 23rd is the last chance to see Comet Neowise.  They also said the best time to see the comet is just after sunset. You'll want to look to the northwest just under the Big Dipper constellation.

Thankfully we have people in the Tri-State like Michael Borman who have a passion for astronomy, and have captured incredible photos of Comet Neowise.  Follow Michael on Twitter, as he posts frequent updates on Comet Neowise, and his photos are just stunning.

Check out these photos of Comet Neowise captured by Michael below. Thank you Michael for sharing these photos with us.

Check Out Stunning Photos of Comet Neowise Over Evansville

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