Dear Football Gods,

Today, January 9, 2021, the Indianapolis Colts will play the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs.  Now, it’s been some time since the Colts had a post-season appearance.  (Too long if you ask me.)  So, I was wondering if maybe you could find it in your good graces to help us out tomorrow.

I know that we didn’t have the most stellar year.  But after the past couple of seasons, it was nice to see the boys in blue have a winning record.  It wasn’t pretty but somehow, someway they managed to sneak into the playoffs.  Don’t crush all our hopes and dreams right off the bat, okay?  I don’t think many of us can handle the disappointment.

Please allow Philip Rivers to play the game of his life tomorrow.  May his balls go deep and fall right into the wide-open hands of his very capable receivers.  Bless his decision making so that there are no big interceptions.  (That way those of us at home don’t have to throw remotes or beer cans at our T. V’s.)  Let the spirits of Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas, and Andrew Luck guide him to victory.  The man has had a great career and I think he needs to be given the chance to go out on a high note.

I also pray that the defense plays lights out.  The young QB on the other side is on a hot streak and I think he needs to be cooled off.  Please give the Maniac, Darius Leonard, the ability to have his way with the Bill’s offense tomorrow.  (A couple of sacks and maybe a pick would be great)

Lastly, I pray that Coach Frank Reich calls an exemplary game.  May he stick with his all or nothing mentality and “run the damn ball” game-plan.

These are the things that not only I pray for but so do Colts everywhere.  In the name of the Irsay, the Colt, and the Horse Shoe, amen.


If you have the time, could you please do something about that Patrick Mahomes kid?  Thanks!

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