Kansas City Chiefs QB (and likely NFL MVP again) Patrick Mahomes lives two different lives. In one, he runs from linebackers and does an excellent job helping the team win games. In the other, he plays around in a shoe closet that can only be described as insane. He allowed everyone a look inside this second shoe life.

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Bleacher Report was allowed inside of Patrick Mahomes home which contains one of the biggest shoe closets you'll ever see. Over 180 pairs of mainly Adidas are contained within it. Pay special attention to his favorite pair and the security camera he's had installed to protect the collection from...his brother.

Inside Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Insane Shoe Closet

Thanks to his massive contract extension a few years ago, Patrick Mahomes is becoming a real estate tycoon, too. He owns an exotic Kansas City condo, the house where he and his wife are currently living and is reportedly building a new mansion in Kansas City as we speak.

It's good to be Patrick Mahomes right now (or anytime).

Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Home

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