Power to the people. That's the vibe I'm passing along to a new online effort that's trying to convince Whataburger to bring their beloved franchise to St. Louis.

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If you haven't checked out the Bring Whataburger to St. Louis Facebook page, you should. It's an active community of burger lovers that want what many of us want - a Whataburger that's close enough to eat at without having to make a day trip. There's more than one group, too. I found another Bring WhatABurger to St. Louis Facebook page, but it looks like it's private.

As we shared last year, there are now Whataburgers in Missouri thanks to Kansas City Chief Patrick Mahomes and there are at least 5 more on the way. The problem is all of the known and incoming locations are either in Kansas City or the Ozarks. What about St. Louis?

There are currently 8 Whataburger locations either already open or being built in Missouri according to their official website. You can mark my words now. It's only a matter of time before I can say "yes, there's a Whataburger coming to St. Louis". 

I have a great marketing idea, Whataburger. Imagine this. Kansas City Chiefs win the big game (I'm hoping). Patrick Mahomes leads a stunning comeback against the Eagles and is named the game's most valuable player. He's standing on the platform accepting the MVP trophy when the TV people ask him what he'd like to say...and instead of "I'm going to Disneyland", Patrick utters the words we all want to hear...

"I'm bringing Whataburger to St. Louis!". 

Make the dream come true, Whataburger. Listen to the very vocal St. Louis Facebook group. Make it happen. Power to the (burger) people.

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