Spring is here and that means more outdoor actives!  That also means more time out in the sun and if you are like me that can sometimes come back to bite you in the butt.  Sunscreen is a thing and we should all really learn to reapply more often.  Luckily, there is a new product that is going to help keep us all on track.

The company Suncayr will be releasing stickers called SPOTMYUV that will tell you when it is time to reapply your sunscreen when you are on the lake, at Holiday World, or taking a hike.  How it works is you put the sticker on a visible part of your body (duh), then you apply your first coating of sunscreen.  At first, the sticker will be purple.  Once the sticker turns white that’s when you know you have put enough on.

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So, after some time in the sun, you will start to see that your white sticker will be reverting back to its original purple color.  When you see this start to happen you are good to go on the reapply.  The cool thing about SPOTMYUV is that just one is good for up to 6 reapplications of sunscreen.  Another cool feature is that it is going to tell you to put on more sunscreen before your body does.  This way you have a much better chance of not burning.  Because no one wants that.

As someone who burns very easily and quite often forgets to put a second coat on, these stickers sound like a dream.  Luckily, they will be available for purchase starting in May and will be at CVS stores and Wal-Mart.  Or you can visit the website if you don’t want to wait until May.

(H/T: Tri-State Homepage)

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