Forget about being the "face of" a company.  You could be the “Fist” instead.  Or, more specifically, you could be the fist-person.  Let me explain.

The whiskey company, Fistful of Bourbon, is looking to hire their next faceless spokesperson.  By faceless, all they will need from you is your hand.  Yes, your dreams of becoming a hand model have come true.  This is an open casting call they are dubbing “The Search for the $100,000 Fist”.  Oh, did I not mention that the gig will pay 100-grand?  Yeah, not only will you get to represent a cool bourbon company, but you also get a nice chunk of change for doing it.

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Whoever is chosen to be the “Spokefist” will appear in upcoming advertising campaigns.  These include print, video, and social media.  To ensure that your hand is up to the task of promoting Fistful of Bourbon you will be set up with hand spa treatment and workouts.  I’m not quite sure what a hand workout looks like but I’d say get ready for a lot of gripping and squeezing.

Another perk of the position is that the new “Spokefist” will get their very own custom bottle of whiskey.  Talk about a dream come true. A great paying job, free spa treatments, and a special whiskey bottle tailored to you.  How could you not want that job?

If you are interested (again, how could you not be) you can apply to be the Fistful of Bourbon’s “Spokefist” at

(H/T) Fox News

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