Evansville's own Philip Lawrence is back in the news, and he is once again doing cool things in the world of entertainment. It was just announced that Lawrence has been tapped to host Come Dance With Me, a reality dance competition coming to CBS later this year.

What's the Show About?

The concept for Come Dance with Me, which is set to start filming in May, sounds pretty neat. The 'contestants' will be talented young dancers that will have the chance to bring a guest onto the show, and the stage, with them. The guest could be a family member or a loved one - someone who has supported them over the years and helped make their dance dreams come true. The guest will then join their dancer for a special performance and a chance to win some sort of grand prize.

(h/t Deadline.com)

Why Should I Know Who Philip Lawrence Is?

You most likely recognize Lawrence from his work with longtime friend and collaborator, Bruno Mars. Those two have won eight Grammy Awards together over the years. You may also be familiar with him after reading my article about Lawrence providing the music for the Netflix holiday movie Jingle Jangle. What you may not know is that this ridiculously talented fella is from Evansville. Yep, born and raised in E'ville and attended Reitz Memorial High School.

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Here's a super-fun video from 2012, with Philip and Bruno hanging out on some sort of panel. Next thing you know, they bust out in a little improvised musical number. Tell me it wouldn't be a blast to tour and perform with those guys. Dang!

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