I don't know why, but it always seems extra cool to see someone from your town/area entertaining on a national platform. Even if you've never met that someone, it feels kinda like they're representing you and the whole town - it gives you a sense of pride knowing that your city produced somebody who is talented enough to 'make it.'

When it comes to talent, it's hard to find someone who has more than Philip Lawrence. Maybe that name sounds kinda, sorta familiar? You may not know, right away, who Philip Lawrence is, but I can almost guarantee you've seen him, heard him, and danced to his music. Philip is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and producer who has been part of some of the biggest pop music songs in the last decade. He has literally been the right-hand man for Bruno Mars in his videos for "Uptown Funk" and "24K Magic" (seriously, just look to Bruno's right and you'll see Philip) - and did I mention that he's from Evansville?! Yep yep, he was born and raised here in Evansville and attended Reitz Memorial High School.

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Philip is a part of the all-star cast for the Netflix original Christmas movie Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (released last year but still available on the streaming platform). Not only can he be seen as one of the performers, but Philip also helped write all of the music for the movie. Here he is talking about writing the music and working with the film's director.

I mentioned the all-star cast for Jingle Jangle - I'm talking about veteran actor Forest Whitaker...the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key...mama Huxtable herself, Phylicia Rashad...and never-aging Latin pop star, Ricky Martin. According to Netflix, the plot for Jingle Jangle is "Decades after his trusted apprentice betrayed him, a once-joyful toymaker finds new hope when his kind and curious granddaughter comes into his life."

I'll admit (shamefully) that I didn't watch Jingle Jangle when it came out last year, but I did just watch it recently and I give it two thumbs up. It features lots of great music (duh), some laughs, and some feels. Check it out sometime this holiday season.

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