Every morning I drive past the YWCA in Downtown Evansville, on my way to work. I have seen the sign on the outside, but I honestly didn't know exactly what happens on the inside of the giant brick building. Turns out, a lot of good things happen on the inside, and some pretty neat things are going to happen on the outside.

YWCA CEO Erika Taylor joined us for our weekly Be MY Guest segment, and she filled me in on exactly what they do, and about the exciting project that has gained the attention of Mattingly Charities.

Since 1911 the YWCA has been serving the Evansville community by providing shelter for domestic violence victims, emergency housing for women and children who are homeless, and countless other services. If you or someone you know needs assistance call the YWCA at 812-422-1191 for more information.

The YWCA playground project includes replacing the current structure with 2 vibrant play structures, one for ages 2-8 and one for ages 6-12. The new playground will provide additional opportunities for children to create and explore through sensory, water and musical features. The uneven ground and mulch will be leveled out and replaced with colorful rubber ground covering that incorporates designs to spur make-believe play. New fencing will be installed along the parking lot and entrance for the safety of the children, and benches will be added to increase outdoor seating options for clients and their children. New bike racks will be installed to promote healthy living and to address the needs of YWCA clients who lack their own transportation.

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If you'd like to make a donation to help the YWCA build its new playground, you can donate online by clicking here. Or if you'd rather send a check you can make it payable to, YWCA Playground, and mail the check to 118 Vine St., Evansville, IN 47708.

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