Back in November, I started investing a little bit of money in the Stock Market. Sounds pretty fancy right? I also bought in to some of the digital coin companies. I know just enough about these investment apps to get by.

I primarily invest through the Stash app. Investing in companies that will grow in the long-term seems to be the way to go. Keep in mind that I'm quite the rookie at this, and I'm learning something new everyday. My friend & co-worker, Ashley, is basically a pro at this and she told me to invest in companies and products that I use.

In my portfolio, I have: Disney, Amazon, AMC, American Airlines and a few social media stocks. I only bought into AMC and American Airlines, hoping they would increase as the pandemic slows down. These stocks were pretty cheap, so fingers crossed, someday I can retire from them - Ha!

These stock apps make it super easy for amateurs like me and Keith Gill to buy into all kinds of companies. Who is Keith Gill? He is the Reddit user who has turned the Stock Market upside down. On his Youtube channel 'Roaring Kitty', Kevin shared information on why it was good to invest in the low priced GameStop back in August.

Now, since I am still a stock rookie, let's watch this video from The Wall Street Journal to figure out why this is such a big deal to people who make money on the stock market.

All I know is that I hope this doesn't shut down my stock apps. They have been way more lucrative for me, than my sports betting apps have been.

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