It isn't often that I get a handwritten letter in the mail. If someone needs to contact me, they email or send an Ecard or Facebook message. So, this letter raised some red flags immediately.

I went into investigation mode, and goggled the sender's name and address. That information seemed to check out, so I looked up where they say they worked on LinkedIn. The business was spelled wrong, so that was another red flag. I had to do a deeper internet investigation, and tried to see if this sender was employed anywhere. Finally, Doug said that I should just go to the website at the bottom of the letter - Duh. As it turns out, this was from a Jehovah’s Witness.

weird letter 01

I told Bobby about my weird letter, and he said that a similar letter arrived at his house this week, too! What are the odds of that? We didn't get the same letter, or even from the same sender, but the message was the same.

weird letter 02

Growing up in Princeton, I knew several Jehovah’s Witnesses casually. They lived in a duplex across the street from me, but they kept to themselves for the most part. I remember trying to get to know one of the boys that was around my age (I cannot remember his name) But I think they had to stay within their group for dating...Or at least that is the story as I remember it.

weird letter 03
weird letter 04
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