The event, known for the past 20 years as the Race for the Cure, was transformed into the More Than Pink Walk in 2019. While the name changed, the even itself was still pretty similar at its core. It's a big ol' gathering of people, celebrating those who have beaten and survived breast cancer, and remembering and honoring those who lost their battle over the years. The folks at Komen Evansville were excited for the next More Than Pink Walk, and had already begun to make plans, when 'Rona reared its ugly head and threw a giant proverbial wrench in everyone's proverbial machine.

'Rona might have slowed them down for a minute, but it certainly won't stop Komen Evansville from having a More Than Pink Walk this year. In fact, it's happening this Sunday, September 27th. How? Where? When? What? Knowing that the event will be virtual this year should answer some of your questions, but not all of them. Rachel Smith, Development Director for Komen Evansville answers all your questions.

If you still have questions, visit or the Komen Evansville Facebook page.

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