You read it right. Ian Freeman, host of the nationally-syndicated "Free Talk Live" which is now heard Saturday nights at 9pm on Newstalk 1280 WGBF, will serve 90 days in jail for a bit of civil disobedience he committed, according to Talkers Magazine.

Freeman alluded to his pending jury trial on charges of obstructing an officer in a recent e-mail to affiliate stations. Co-Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. host Mark Edge tells TALKERS Freeman was sentenced to one year in jail with all but 90 days suspended. Freeman’s description of the incident that led to his arrest: “I was arrested last year for standing in front of a police car as they attempted to kidnap a peaceful young lady from the local park for enjoying some beer.” Freeman admitted he did what officers say he did but gave his reason for doing so to the jury and hoped to be acquitted through jury nullification (when a jury comes to a verdict contrary to a judge’s instructions regarding the law). Freeman has engaged in acts of civil disobedience in the past that have gotten him arrested. Now, it appears he’ll serve almost three months and be away from the show. Meanwhile, Edge says the show will continue with him and other co-hosts during the time Freeman is away.

Way to go, Ian! And just a bit of advice - I wouldn't do any more civil disobeying for the next 90 days, if I were you.

Talkers Magazine