As you're planning your spring and summer trips you might want to put these hidden Illinois gems on a bucket list to visit this year.

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The weather will be warm soon and most of us will be breaking free from staying inside for the winter months. Some of us will be getting out more for walks and hikes, put together a great list of some hidden waterfalls in Illinois that you have to see for yourself. Some of the places are close by, others you will need to take a drive, but if you need to get away for the weekend I would definitely add these trails to your list.

Jackson Falls- Simpson
Burden Falls - Shawnee National Forest
Matthiessen State Park - Oglesby (Largest State Park in Illinois)

Shawnee National Forest seems to be the place to go for long hikes, hidden waterfalls, and long trails in Illinois. That national park comes up on a lot of lists for nature trails and might be worth a few days just exploring all that the park has to offer.
I am no hiker by all means, but it's something that I have thought about getting into now that my girls are older and can come with my husband and I. Just think of all the places you can visit in Illinois to make those family memories for a lifetime.

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