So many zoos, so little time to visit them all. One has just been named the very best in the U.S. and it's right here in Missouri.

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Trying to find the best of the best of anything can seem impossible, but one website has found the very best when it comes to zoos in the U.S. ranked the best of the best when it comes to zoos and the St. Louis Zoo took the number one spot as being the one to beat. No surprise! The zoo sits on 90 acres in beautiful Forest Park and is always making sure that there are new exhibits and attractions for their guest.

The zoo is teeming with wildlife, home to more than 18,700 animals that represent around 600 species. That’s why it is rated the No. 1 zoo in America from Tripadvisor users.

The St. Louis Zoo is just simply the best and we all know it and I can't wait to be back this summer. The good news is though, Missouri received some major love on this list with a few more zoos ranked as the best. The Promised Land Zoo in Branson is ranked 44 for its variety of interactions with animals at the zoo. The Kansas City Zoo ranked 29 for the animal encounters they offer, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with animals.

Don't worry Illinois residents, the Brookfield Zoo (ranked 20) and the Lincoln Park Zoo (ranked 15) also made the list. So, we are really lucky to be so close to these amazing places that offer us a way to learn more about animals and discover new ones too.

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