The adventures of the two twin cubs continue at the St. Louis Zoo.

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The two twin cubs from the St. Louis Zoo, Anya and Irina, went outside for the first time since being born back in April. In the YouTube video released by their zoo handlers, you can see the two cubs get to experience grass, water, and fresh air for the first time.

Our 3-month-old Amur leopard cubs Anya and Irina have just discovered a whole new world — the outdoors! On Tuesday, the cubs were given access for the first time to their outdoor habitat at Big Cat Country.


You can see in the video that mom Dot makes sure that everything is safe and sound before the cubs head out of the door. She's such a good momma making sure that her cubs are being taken care of. The family has been secluded since the cubs have been born so that they can all bond together and to make sure that the cubs are being well taken care of by Dot (which they are). The zookeepers said that both cubs were very curious about their new surroundings.

Everything is new for Anya and Irina. They are curious, but cautious, about everything from the grass and trees, sunshine, wind and all the sights and sounds of the Zoo. Dot continues to be a great mother and it could take some time before the cubs gain their confidence and Dot feels comfortable letting her cubs explore more independently.

There is no word yet on when the cubs will be available for public viewing, but I feel with them venturing out into the world it could be soon. Fingers crossed.

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