If you've been to the St. Louis Zoo at some point over the past 7 years, you likely know they have a polar bear. What you may not know, however, is how Kali the polar bear found a forever home in the St. Louis Zoo. It's sad, but has a happy ending.

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According to the St. Louis Zoo's website, Kali's story begins with sadness in March of 2013 when a hunter in Alaska killed his mother not realizing she was a female with a cub. It was a legal hunt in Alaska that is allowed by law for natives for subsistence. But, sadly that left Kali an orphan who was now in the hands of US Fish and Wildlife.

After making a temporary stop in New York, the authorities decided the St. Louis Zoo would be Kali's home for good in 2015.

He has now lived in McDonnell Polar Bear Point for almost 7 years. The St. Louis Zoo shared details on their care of Kali which includes some interesting training.

If I had followed directions like this when I was a kid, I would have been an A+ student.

If you visit the St. Louis Zoo to see Kali, note that they feed him at different times every day so that he doesn't get into an expectant routine. Time it right and you can see him living his best life and swimming in the Polar Point dive area.

Kali is just one of the reasons why the St. Louis Zoo has been one of our family's go-to places over the years.

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