Well, this is one way to burn energy.

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Whatever these leopard cubs are eating I need some. These adorable and feisty 10-week-old twin leopard cubs are keeping their mom (Dot) on her toes. The two were caught on camera with a case of the zoomies, basically running around and chasing each other. The adorable video was released by the St. Louis Zoo who keep visitors updated on the cubs' progress.

The poor momma leopard is probably a little dizzy watching her cubs run around and around. On the St. Louis Zoo Facebook page, they say,

Momma Dot is patient while teaching her babies how to be leopards. She lets them climb on her to play “king of the hill,” teases them with her tail, and will gently bite and swipe as a sparring partner.

She's a good momma. Mom "Dot" gave birth to the two female cubs back in April, and these are the first Amur Leopards born at the St. Louis Zoo since 2010. The cub's birth will help contribute to the Amur Leopard population as this style of leopard is endangered. The cubs are trying to eat new things like meat and have started to groom themselves, just like Dot has shown them.

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