We see our share of tornadoes in Missouri and Illinois. However, there is one twister that did something so strange I have yet to hear an explanation that can tell me how a monster twister managed to destroy everything, but miraculously left 1 lone house standing.

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As we shared a few months ago, Missouri has the notorious claim of having the most destructive tornado in United States history when the Tri-State Tornado struck on March 19, 1925. This is something entirely different. Back in March of 2019, an EF4 monster twister carved a wide path of destruction minus one home. This is the damage path as shared by Matt Gillespie.

It left just one home almost completely unharmed in its wake.

The Daily Mail shared the story of this tornado that killed 23 people including 10 from the same family back in 2019 with winds topping 170 miles per hour. It devasted the town of Ellersie, Georgia and was part of a system that dropped multiple tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia that day.

The question of how a tornado can completely destroy many homes, but leave another next to them untouched has been explored in a conversation on Quora. The simple answer given is that one home's construction may be stronger than another, yet there were homes near this one built the same way where nothing was left.

Meteorologists have examined this strange phenomena and offered theories about tornadoes that move strangely bringing devastation to one home, but not another. This one had complete annihilation to its left and its right. It remains one of the greatest tornado mysteries in history.

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