Every tragedy has its heroes. Those who stand face-to-face with danger, sacrificing their own body and/or health to protect the rest of us. It was the police, firefighters, and paramedics during and after the attacks on September 11th, 2001 who ran toward the danger while everyone else ran away in attempt to find safety. While those same individuals are back on the forefront in the fight against the coronavirus, there's a new set of heroes that have joined them in fight — health care workers.


While many of stay home to keep ourselves and others from contracting the virus, doctors, nurses, and everyone else who works at our area hospitals, regardless of whether or not they are in direct contact with patients, are putting their own health at risk to do their part in stopping the spread of the virus. It's a sacrifice we may never be able to fully repay, but it's one we, at the very least, can acknowledge and express our gratitude for by simply saying "Thank you!"

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That's exactly what Mayor Lloyd Winnecke did earlier this week with two famous Evansville natives, Olympic gold medalist, Lily King, and current Miami Marlins manager, Don Mattingly, in a video posted to his Facebook page.

Let me just say, on behalf of the entire staff here at 99.5 WKDQ, we echo the sentiments of Mayor Winnecke, Lily, and Don. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all the employees of our area hospitals for your courage and the work you're doing to bring an end to this crisis.

Click the box below to find out how you can thank a health care worker, or anyone currently deemed an "essential worker," regardless of industry, and have it played on WKDQ.


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